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mooooore [Jun. 20th, 2005|02:11 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |making memories of us.]

soooo i think that zach and i are not going to get back together. i guess its a good thing? well ryan and i are officialy going out now. i love him sooo much. im getting ready to go over to his house, to hang out before the big party. yessss its exciting. so i went shopping on saturday and that was fun. and now im at home putting my makeup on and jsut chillin. im not coming home tonight. so tonight might be the night that me and ryan get to do the deed after a while. lol its been like 4 months. ive lost like 5 pounds becasue im so happy. all i do is hang out with ryan and my friends. i dont eat that much anymore. im just in love. i havent felt like this in a loooong time.
i love him...sooooooo much
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LAST DAY BABY! [May. 26th, 2005|01:17 am]
[mood |ditzyditzy]

Today was the last day of school. which means that i'm officially a SENIOR!!! yes! so i'm done with alot of stuff until july. no cheerleading til camp in july. and i get to hang out with my awesome friends.

so me and zach have taken a break? i dont know. i really miss him. but he obviously seems to be having a good time with the girls he's dating. and i'm not having such a bad time myself. i went out with blake for a little bit. and now ryan and i have been seeing each other for a while. so i dont know whats going on with that. but i do hope i get all of these guys straightened out.
will write more tomorrow!
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lalala [Feb. 7th, 2005|09:43 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Over]

Haven't updated this thing in forever and a day... Nothing's been going on. my life is sooooo boring. JK

 Leslie and Dani got into a fight, I was put in the middle of it, so that kinda sucked. I was just like whatever, it was something stupid, like all of their arguments are. Then I was talking to Dani, and she said that she wasn't going to eat lunch with us anymore because of Leslie, and I was like whatever you are going to sit with us, I don't care waht she says. Then Leslie got mad at me? then we made up like 5 minutes later. So tomorrow, during class and lunch its going to be weird. They've never been in a fight for this long. Its like almost a week. I'm not going to side with either one of them, i'm going to stay out of it.

Thursday was mine and Zach's one month. We went out to Olive Garden, it was cute, he got me roses, a teddy bear, a gift certificate to A&F and this really cute necklace, I got him a coupon book, like for a massage or stuff like taht, then I got him a gift certificate to A&F, and something else that nobody knows about. its a secret between us. lol, but yea it was a great one month anniversary

Basketball won their game last Friday, so that was good. Then after the game Zach and I went to go see a movie, then he came over to my house. So we were getting it on or whatever, and since my parents usually come home late, i didnt think we were going to get caught. and then I hear the doorbell ring, and i'm like who is it? cuz its like 10:00. So then my cell phone rings and its my mom telling me to open the door cuz she and my dad are outside, i'm like holy shit. I was flipping out. So then I hung up and I got dressed in like 2.3 seconds, then I told Zach to get dressed and go into the family room. So I go to open the door and my mom tells me that I look a little flushed and I was like "oh yea its just really hot" She goes "o ok". Then I told my mom that I was going to go to Katie's house, but Zach had to take me back to the school cuz thats where my car was. So then we left and Zach and I went back to his place and I just spent the night there.


I went home for a little bit to get my stuff for Ryan's party, then I went over to Chelsea's to get ready there, and we just chilled. OK the party was insane. Ryan's parents were out of town, so it was awesome. There were drugs and alcohol, and things that make a great party, it seemed like the whole school was there. I had alot of fun, I just got a little too fucked up, I can't remember too much but what i've been told was that I gave like some guys a lapdance, and then I was grabbing Zach all over the place. I don't remember.


I went to the movies with some friends, we saw Coach Carter. ahhh that movie was sooooo good! I cried like 2 or 3 times, it was crazy. I loved it, and the guy that played Jason Lyle? oooh baby HOTTIE! Then afterwards I went over to Jessica's house for her superbowl party. That was fun. I won 150 dollars! Since the Eagles were winning during the first half, Zach, Ryan and Brit thought that they were going to win. But I knew that the Patriots were going to win, so I bet each of them 50 dollars. I dont know why they thought that they were going to win. whatever. they lost money. oh well. So after the superbowl party, I went over to Zach's for a while and we watched a movie, and cuddled, I was wearing one of his hoodies, ahh they are so comfortable cuz they are big on me or whatever. At around midnight I finally got up to go home, then we said bye to each other for like 15 minutes, then I finally went home. I barely made it home on time. My curfew was at 12:30, I got there at 12:27? yea.close call


I didn't drive to school this morning, since Zach had an early practice, I asked Ryan to pick me up, then we went to Starbucks. I had freaking BCIS first thing this morning, and it always annoys me, I don't like that class that much, but today wasn't really that bad. Then I heard that my friend's boyfriend had cheated on her with a freshman. I was like LAME! guys are stupid sometiems. So I'm walking to Pre-Cal with Ryan, then lauren reminds me that we have a test in that class, so I was like oh shit. I hadn't studied for it,and I didn't really feel liek being in class for an hour and a half, so I grabbed Ryan and we skipped together, we went to McDonalds then to his house and we chilled in the hot tub, then we just watched a movie. Ryan's like my best guy friend. I dont know what I would do without him, he's the coolest.

I have practice tomorrow, then I have to cheer, damn I don't want to. I'm so tired...

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game [Jan. 21st, 2005|11:25 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Barbie Girl]

I had to go and pick Zach up this morning because he didnt feel like driving.ah such a lazy boy. but he bought me a venti frappuccino at Starbucks, so that made up for me driving. I dont get to drive to school that often anyways. kjahfjsgdsakh I missed so much in BCIS becuase of that stupid TAKS testing. so I spent the whole class period trying to catch up and i'm almost there. ah that sub we have is so creepy and he smells bad, i want to give him like a stick of gum or a mint or something. I had practice after school but I had to come home for a while. We lost the game, it sucked but the guys played really hard. Then we went over to Ryan's for a while and hung out there. Now i'm at brittany's with whitney, kristi, jen, holli, nicole, and jessica. we are waiting for dani, leslie, katie, amy, joy, and sara. Its going to be a full house tonight. but i'm here with my favorite ladies, and the guys are supposed to show up later. Its a good thing that brittany's parents are out of town. yeaya
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2005|11:21 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |This I promise you]

I had a test today and i totally failed it. I cant fail if I want to cheer so i have to bring that stupid chem grade up. urgh I hate math and science with a passion. English was fun, like always. we had to go to the library and sit for like 30 minutes listening to her talking about the library rules. Everytime that we go to the library we always get the same speech. After 3 years I think we know what to do. We almost got split up because we were talking so much. Then we had an effing library quiz to see if we were paying attention. wtf? we arent in 6th grade anymore. Then when we went to research our stuff and I didnt want to work so I just walked around with Zach. Then I had to go to espanol. During lunch we had like the weirdest discussions ever. We were sitting with a bunch of people but you know how some people break into like groups? well it was ryan, blake, zach, me, whitney, josh, leslie and dani. Then blake started to tell us how these two girls made out for him and josh, and i was like "thats hot" and then leslie said "if girls can make out with each other and its hot, then why is it that guys cant do it"? then the guys were all like thats gross and blah blah blah. I was liek whatever. After spanish I went to my favorite class. cheerleading. we had to run 3 miles. blah. then we did buns of steel. then crunches. so it was alot of work. Then I went home and did homework. blah. Brittany and Jackie came over to watch The O.C. it was soo good. and I cant wait til next week its going to be even better!
My lj entries are way too long. i should make them shorter.
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argh [Jan. 19th, 2005|09:52 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Baby its you]

Today was TAKS testing. it sucked. I got to miss BCIS for it though, so I guess that was good. I hate math! some of the kids in my class are so immature. and its ok to be like that once in a while but not all of the time. and people are still coming up to me and asking me if I slept with Ryan. I dont get what the obsession is with me and him. Yea we dated before but who cares that's like forever ago. People need to get over this. I already. I swear my life is full of drama. I ddnt get to hang out with Zach after school becuase Ryan and I had to work on our pre-cal homework over at his place. Now i'm back at home and i'm working on my English research project. or trying to at least.
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ehh [Jan. 18th, 2005|09:33 pm]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |underneath this smile]

I woke up and I remembered that we had to wear our uniforms cuz we had a game tonight. So I went to get ready and when I went downstairs to open the door for Zach I realized just how cold it was, but I really couldnt do anything about it, so I just left. so me, Ryan, Zach, Whitney, Kelsey, Brandon and some other people were hanging out in the student center, when Lindsay comes up to me. She looks at me and Zach and says "you know i'm surprised you are still with her" and he goes why? and then she tells him that I cheated on him with Ryan and i'm like wtf? and Ryan and I are just looking at each other like what is going on. The day before Zach and I hooked up, Ryan had a party, things got a little crazy and me and him ended up doing stuff. Lindsay's friend Lauren was there, and she saw us and when she saw me and Zach together the next day she assumed that I had cheated on him. So she told Lindsay, and she brought it up like 2 weeks later. I seriously was about to beat the shit out of her, just for the fact that it's none of her business what goes on between me and whoever. she already got Brian so I dont get why she keeps trying to mess my life up. and what sucks is that we used to be friends, and i dont know. ANYWAYS
In english we had to present and my group is Ryan, Brittany and Zach, and when we are together all we do is goof off. so our project wasnt really great, but whatever. so all day I had people coming up to me and asking me if I slept with Ryan, and I was like omg. I dont get why people care, but whatever floats their boat. the rest of the day was uneventful.
After school me, whitney, kristi, and kari went to mcdonalds, we ate and whitney and I went to go and play on the playscape. that was a lot of fun. then we went back because we had practice, so we practiced and stuff. Then at around 7:00 more people started showing up for the varsity game. so the game started at 7:30 so we cheered and we won! my baby made like 5 baskets, so i'm proud of him!
Then I went over to Zach's house and we chilled there and now i'm at home writing about this. yea. that was my day
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2 weeks [Jan. 17th, 2005|09:15 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Because you live]

Well today was me and Zach's two week anniversary. since my parents werent home he came over at around 9:30ish? and he brought me jack in the box. aww how sweet. we got comfortable under my bed and snuggled and we watched Jesse McCartney on The View. then we watched Napoleon Dynomite. I <3 that movie! then he told me he got me a present and I was like all excited. he got me two care bears and a carebears blanket cuz he knows I love them. and I was really surprised cuz it was just two weeks. and I felt bad because I didnt get him anything but he said it was ok he wasnt expecting anything. argh I still feel bad I have to make it up for him. so if you have any ideas then tell me.
So then at around 3:00 I called Brittany to come over and I asked her to buy me some mickey d's on the way. She did and she also brought Ryan with her. I was happy cuz I had my nuggets. yum! then I had to watch TRL because Jesse was on. They all made fun of me but thats cool. They started watching eurotrip so Brittany and I just kinda practiced our dance for the game tomorrow... for about 10 minutes. Then we started gossiping. Cause we are gossip whores. She told me that she heard Brian telling Jake that he still had feelings for me and that he was using Lindsay to make me jealous? I really dont care anymore. he lost me forever. all we can be now is friends.
At around 7:00 Brit and Ryan left, so Zach and I were left alone. We got under my covers again, and watched t.v for a while. then we did some other things. I swear we are like an old couple and its only been two weeks. but its cool. I love him!

GL tomorrow boys!
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TODAY [Jan. 16th, 2005|11:03 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |Ryan Cabrera- True]

I'm going to try to update this thing everyday but that is very unlikely. anyways...

Today was AMAZING! Zach called me and woke me up. then he called me and wanted to hang out, so we made plans or whatever and then i went to get ready. So i got ready and he came and picked me up and we went to my aunts house for a little bit then we went to Olive Garden. it was sooo good! so as we were leaving i bumped into brian and lindsay... it was awkward, i mean there are tons of restaurants in austin but they had to go to that one? but Zach was there so it definitely made it easier to deal with. After that unfortunate encounter we went to the movies, and we saw Meet The Fockers, well part of it, since i had already seen it i got bored and i wanted to leave, so we did. since it was only 7ish, we went over to Ryan's house and just hung out there with some people. we left at around 9ish? so then we came to my house. We watched Napoleon Dynomite and "hung out" but then he had to leave so that sucked.
I'm so glad that this whole brian thing is over. i thought he was the one for me but i think it was more like we got used to being together that we didnt know how to not be together. i dont know if that makes any sense but thats what i think. What sucks about this whole situation is that it had to end this way? i dont even knwo if we are going to manage to stay friends. i love him and i always will but it still hurts. enough about that.
I can't wait til tomorrow. i'm so glad that cheer practice was cancelled that means that I get to spend the day with Brittany. i love her. and i get to see Zachary tomorrow. i love him!
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