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my life

6 November
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My name is Allison Elizabeth Brooke J., its a long name, so i just go by Brooke. so yea, i'm 16 and a junior. woohoo class of 06! i love my friends and family. ive been a cheerleader practically forever.its my life. i also play volleyball and softball. the mall is like my home away from home. i'm a shopaholic. im outgoing and i dont really like to be by myself. I LOVE the o.c and one tree hill. i dont pretend to be someone i'm not, i'm really nice, but if you cross me the wrong way, then i will be the biggest bitch in the world. i have a lot of guy friends so some people dont like me because they think that i'm a whore. which isnt true but whatever. i have a wonderful boyfriend whom i love! i love my friends, they mean the world to me.
I live on drama, for some reason its what keeps me going at school. i guess i'm a drama whore. i'm so blonde, its crazy. i love to party. ahah nothing else about me