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ehh [Jan. 18th, 2005|09:33 pm]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |underneath this smile]

I woke up and I remembered that we had to wear our uniforms cuz we had a game tonight. So I went to get ready and when I went downstairs to open the door for Zach I realized just how cold it was, but I really couldnt do anything about it, so I just left. so me, Ryan, Zach, Whitney, Kelsey, Brandon and some other people were hanging out in the student center, when Lindsay comes up to me. She looks at me and Zach and says "you know i'm surprised you are still with her" and he goes why? and then she tells him that I cheated on him with Ryan and i'm like wtf? and Ryan and I are just looking at each other like what is going on. The day before Zach and I hooked up, Ryan had a party, things got a little crazy and me and him ended up doing stuff. Lindsay's friend Lauren was there, and she saw us and when she saw me and Zach together the next day she assumed that I had cheated on him. So she told Lindsay, and she brought it up like 2 weeks later. I seriously was about to beat the shit out of her, just for the fact that it's none of her business what goes on between me and whoever. she already got Brian so I dont get why she keeps trying to mess my life up. and what sucks is that we used to be friends, and i dont know. ANYWAYS
In english we had to present and my group is Ryan, Brittany and Zach, and when we are together all we do is goof off. so our project wasnt really great, but whatever. so all day I had people coming up to me and asking me if I slept with Ryan, and I was like omg. I dont get why people care, but whatever floats their boat. the rest of the day was uneventful.
After school me, whitney, kristi, and kari went to mcdonalds, we ate and whitney and I went to go and play on the playscape. that was a lot of fun. then we went back because we had practice, so we practiced and stuff. Then at around 7:00 more people started showing up for the varsity game. so the game started at 7:30 so we cheered and we won! my baby made like 5 baskets, so i'm proud of him!
Then I went over to Zach's house and we chilled there and now i'm at home writing about this. yea. that was my day

From: (Anonymous)
2005-01-20 01:59 am (UTC)

me again

wow. i hate lindsay so much, because of what she does to you, she's a slut. i'll kick her ass. don't forget our research topic is due tomorrow. i already told you on aim but you forget easily.
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