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2 weeks [Jan. 17th, 2005|09:15 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Because you live]

Well today was me and Zach's two week anniversary. since my parents werent home he came over at around 9:30ish? and he brought me jack in the box. aww how sweet. we got comfortable under my bed and snuggled and we watched Jesse McCartney on The View. then we watched Napoleon Dynomite. I <3 that movie! then he told me he got me a present and I was like all excited. he got me two care bears and a carebears blanket cuz he knows I love them. and I was really surprised cuz it was just two weeks. and I felt bad because I didnt get him anything but he said it was ok he wasnt expecting anything. argh I still feel bad I have to make it up for him. so if you have any ideas then tell me.
So then at around 3:00 I called Brittany to come over and I asked her to buy me some mickey d's on the way. She did and she also brought Ryan with her. I was happy cuz I had my nuggets. yum! then I had to watch TRL because Jesse was on. They all made fun of me but thats cool. They started watching eurotrip so Brittany and I just kinda practiced our dance for the game tomorrow... for about 10 minutes. Then we started gossiping. Cause we are gossip whores. She told me that she heard Brian telling Jake that he still had feelings for me and that he was using Lindsay to make me jealous? I really dont care anymore. he lost me forever. all we can be now is friends.
At around 7:00 Brit and Ryan left, so Zach and I were left alone. We got under my covers again, and watched t.v for a while. then we did some other things. I swear we are like an old couple and its only been two weeks. but its cool. I love him!

GL tomorrow boys!